Sisterhood of Janina Newsletter - March/April, 2006
Dear Sisterhood Member,

It was wonderful to see so many of our Sisterhood members at the Pasha Florida reunion on February 15th, although bittersweet, when Max Nachmias announced the untimely passing of our beloved Hy Genee, whose funeral was that very day and a moment of silence was observed.  Max, newly re-elected president of the Pashas, coordinates this annual event and does a terrific job.  This was the seventh year and each year it draws more and more people!  Here’s wishing Max many more years to continue to do what he does so well!


Your response to the Kehila in Ioannina appeal is very heart-warming.  You are the most giving of people.  I knew we could count on you to be as supportive as can be and you’ve quite surpassed our expectations.  Thank you, thank you, and, I’m sure the Jewish community in Ioannina will be most appreciative of your generosity, Efcharisto Para Pouli.  Please continue to send your donations [Sisterhood of Janina – Ioannina Synagogue] to me, Rose Eskononts, 2430 Haring Street, Apt. 3J, Brooklyn, NY  11235.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the following people who responded so promptly to this cause: 

Stemma Askinazi, Minnie & Manny Battino, Ralph Battino, Rhoda Cohen, Rose Eskononts, Mildred Froot, Mae & Zino Gabrielides, Rae Gutkin, Mollie Kaplan, Joseph & Gertrud Levy, Judy & Eli Myones, Evelyn & Nat Negrin, Anne Oppenheim, Rosalind & Harry Seraita, Eleanor & Burt Weiser, Rae Yamali, Sheila & Ben Gessula, Pat & Izz Battino.


KKJ and the entire Romaniote community suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Hy Genee.  He truly was the backbone of Kehila Kedosha Janina and in his honor and memory we must continue to financially support as well as maintain the Kehila by having our men provide the necessary minyan through these trying times.

We are in the process of seeing the building undergo major interior restoration and renovations, which, sadly Hy will not see completed.  We reprint below, the very moving notice sent out when Hy passed away [With permission from Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos, President of AFGJ and KKJ Museum Director.] 

“On Monday, February 13th, the President of Kehila Kedosha Janina, Hy Genee, died.  At least his body did.  His spirit will live on with us forever.  Those who were privileged to know Hy will truly miss this exceptional man.  Hy had no fancy degrees.  His knowledge was learned from 83 years of experience and an innate perception that came from the heart.  He did not acquire vast amounts of monetary wealth over the course of his life.  His wealth was measured by his loving family and the extended family of those he personally touched over the years.  Hy truly exemplified in everything he did what a man, especially a Jewish man, should be.  He took the tenets of his faith seriously, not only lovingly observing the rituals, but living his Judaism on a daily basis, observing the true essence of his faith in how he treated his fellow man.”

Sisterhood lost a great friend and supporter.  Hy was always there for us and was a font of information whenever we had questions only he could answer.  He will be truly missed.  We send Lil and family Lois, Ed, Damon & Melissa Ledner, Marty, Marla, Arielle & Jordan Genee, our very sincerest condolences.
The KKJ Board of Directors met, Monday evening, March 6th, and elected Marvin Marcus to succeed Hy Genee as President of the Board.  Marvin has been a long-time, devoted congregant of KKJ, and Hy lovingly tutored Andrew (Marvin’s son) for his Bar Mitzvah at KKJ last year.  Andrew did a superb job under Hy’s guidance. Although Hy’s shoes are extremely hard to fill, we’re convinced that Marvin will do an excellent job as President of the Board having had years of example from Hy.  We wish Marvin Mazal Tov in his new position.  Also elected Vice Presidents of the Board were Lois Ledner (Hy’s daughter) and Martin Genee (Hy’s son.)  We know that they will follow in their father’s footsteps with sure and steady treads.


We regret to inform you that Sisterhood will not have its Annual Spring Chai Luncheon this year.  However, we will print a Spring Chai Donor List that will give you the opportunity to commemorate your family’s simchas, as well as memorializing loved ones, or honoring someone special.

Please send your Chai listing/s to me,
Rose Eskononts,
2430 Haring Street, Apt. 3J, Brooklyn, NY  11235,
with your checks, made out to Sisterhood of Janina.

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Please continue to support our Donor Card Program.  All revenue goes a long way to enable Sisterhood to continue its philanthropic efforts.   With your ongoing participation, we will be able to continue donate to worthwhile causes.   Please call one of our Sunshine Secretaries and they will gladly send out the appropriate card for you, Sympathy, In Honor Of…, or Get Well, signing it for you as the donor; addressing, stamping and mailing it – they’re waiting for your call – Let your fingers do the walking…that’s all it takes, one phone call and a minimum donation of $3.00, of course, we accept and welcome more!


Mollie Feder
2940 W. 5th St. #3H, Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 449-2782

Stella Moses
3530 Henry Hudson Pkwy E #7K, Riverdale, NY 10463
(718) 543-8825

Judy Myones
6364 Overland Dr., Delray Beach, Fl 33484
(561) 499-8244


Fran & Dave Albahae, Jackie Andros, Stemma Askinazi, Minnie & Manny Battino, Ralph Battino, Terry & Abe Battino, Esther & Murray Benjamin, Annette Binder, Evelyn & Morris Calef, Sheila, Irving & Mark Calef, Evelyn Cantos, Pearl Cantos, Sarah Cantos, Rochelle & Irving Chap, Stema Chernin, Rose Citron, Anna (Teddy) Coffino, Rhoda Cohen, Mollie Cohen, Belle & Martin Davis, Mark, Tara & Adam Eliasoff, Nina & Alex Eliassof, Rose Eskononts, Mollie Feder, Fani Frizis, Mae & Zino Gabrielides, Lil Genee, Sheila & Ben Gessula, Paul & Eleanor Moses-Gilman,  Ann Goldstein, Sylvia & Pete Greenebaum, Irene Harris, Rae & Murray Hause, Gail & Morris Jenny, Shirley & Eli Jenny, Esther & Murray Jeuda, Koula & Sol Kofinas, Judy Korsun, Terry & Sol Lafazan, Sharon & Mitchell Laffer, Shirley & Si Lane, Lois & Ed Ledner, Corrine Levy, Lucille & Dave Levy, Shirley (Sarah) Mandragona, Irene & Sol Matsil, Mollie Matza, Sarah Matza, Dora Mazza, Eleanor Menahem, Phyllis & Raymond Modiano, Faye Moses, Stella Moses, Joseph Myones, Judy & Eli Myones, Stella Myones, Eva & Max Nachmias, Dotty Naphtali, Evelyn & Nat Negrin, Tica & Max Negrin, Paul Oberman, Anne Oppenheim, Tina Pardo, Rose & Larry Salberg, Daisy & Ralph Schaeffer, Renee & Murray Seraita, Audrey Solomon, Edith Solomon, Irene & Dave Solomon, Rita & Art Taub, Anne & Jack Uffer, Shirley & Howard Unger, Beverly & Fred Wilson, Rae Yamali, Esther & Morris Yomtov,  Raye & Hy Yomtov, Anita & Jack Zaffos, Bea & Eli Zagha.
                                      Thank you all!


We extend Sincerest Condolences to Rita Elias and family on the passing of her mother, Sophie Paparo.

Glad to hear that Judy & Eli Myones are doing well with their physical therapy.  Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes to Bobby Koulias for Good Health and a speedy return home.

Hope Sarah Cantos is feeling better and back to her old self, soon.

Best Wishes for Good Health to Julia & Victor Sabba.  Hope each day brings them closer to full recovery.

Congratulations to Norma & Cal Attas on their grandson, Adam, son of Dr. Lewis and Nelli Attas, being accepted to John Hopkins University.  Mazal Tov!

Sincerest condolences to Harriet Menachem on the passing of her husband, Ben.

Best Wishes for Good Health to Celia Hakim.  Hope she’s feeling better and home for good!

Best Wishes for Good Health to Lillian Cassorla’s son, Eli.

Best Wishes for Good Health to Morris Yomtov and hope he and Esther dance and enjoy their Grandson Brian’s wedding to the fullest.

Glad to hear Evelyn Klapholtz’ husband, Bert, has returned home.  Best Wishes for his continued Good Health.

Best Wishes for Good Health to Gail Jenny’s husband, Morris.

If you haven’t already done so, please be a Koukla and mail your 2006 Dues ($15 check made out to Sisterhood of Janina) to: 

Anne Cohen,
9115 160th Avenue
Howard Beach, NY 11414

Your prompt response enables Sisterhood to close its books early and continue our philanthropic endeavors.

Reminder, we are still in the early planning stages of a multiple celebration for 2007 (United Brotherhood’s 100th, KKJ’s 80t, Sisterhood’s 75th; Pashas’ 50th, KKJ Museum’s 10th   Anniversaries.)   We’ll keep you posted as plans progress. 

Please Help a Sisterhood Member

Our Member, Sherry Ayache, 7758 Preserve Dr., W P B, FL 33412-2450, has asked if anyone remembers her parents, Eddie & Anne David.  Her mother was a Menachem and her father an original “Broome & Allen” member.  If anyone has any information for Sherry, please contact her at the above address.                                               Thanks.

"The Genee and Ledner families want to thank all of you who expressed your condolences to us.  We are deeply touched by the outpouring of emotion.
Our thanks to those who sent in donations to the Kehila and Sisterhood.  We are extremely grateful for your generosity."
Sisterhood is saddened to report the untimely passing of our long-time member, Millie Sansolo.  We send our Sincerest Condolences to husband, Sam and daughter Laurie Saks & Family.

Best Regards, Rose Eskononts