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The Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece

The Official Website of the Central Board of Jewish Communities of Greece. Access history and information on Jewish communities throughout Greece, including Ioannina. 

The Jewish Museum of Greece

The official website of the Jewish Museum of Greece. Located in central Athens, the museum hosts a number of exhibits, educational programs, research initiatives, and tours devoted to telling the story of the Jews of Greece and encouraging tolerance for peoples of all religions and backgrounds.

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The official website of the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki 

The Jewish Museum of Rhodes

The Jewish Museum of Rhodes, co-located with the Kahal Shalom synagogue, is a historic site dedicated to telling the story of the unique community of Rhodes going back for centuries. 

The Etz Hayyim Synagogue of Hania Crete

Until 1999 Etz Hayyim was a desecrated house of prayer that remained the sole Jewish monument on the Island of Crete after the destruction of our Jewish community in 1944. Essentially it stood as a monument to the success of the Nazis in obliterating 2,300 years of Jewish life on the island of Crete.  From 1996 until the year of its re-dedication in 1999 the structure was painstakingly restored. The philosophy that directed this work is summed up in the Hebrew ‘Am Israel Hayy’ – ‘The people of Israel live’.  In 1996, the Synagogue was mentioned on the World Monument Fund’s list of most endangered sites, but today it stands as a vibrant statement of Jewish life, vitality and values.

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